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Written 11-22-2023.


It was a beautiful November morning. I was Dog Sitting and House Sitting for my daughter and her husband. I was in an unfamiliar part of town. I decided I wanted to test my haircut style theory. Let me tell you about my haircut style theory.

Haircut Style Theory........ I have adopted a simple haircut, in hopes that I can be anywhere in the world and get a haircut that the stylist, can't mess up too bad.
So far, my theory has proven to be successful.
What is this this style of haircut? Number 6 on the top and 2 on the side. No scissor cut, just electric shavers. Pretty easy you say. Even a child could probably pull this one off.
Now I suppose the stylist could get them backwards in their mind. Did he say, number 2 on top and 6 on the sides? So far that has not happened yet. Thank the Lord.....

The Haircut.........I pulled up to the salon, I had located online, noticed there were no customers inside. But I was happy. That meant, go to the front of the line. Although, unfamiliar with the salon, I went inside. The stylist asked me, do you want me to style your hair for 5 extra dollars? I told her no, just a number 6 shave on the top and a number 2 on the sides. She went to work. Everything was coming along fine.  As she began to clean up the hippie hair, I was beginning to look like George Clooney again, instead of Rosemary Clooney. The stylist asked me if I wanted "Eyebrow." I usually say yes to "Eyebrow" in the past, they usually just put a comb over the eyebrow and run the shaver over the comb and knock off the longer hairs. No fuss, no muss. The haircut was over and I looked in the mirror at the top of my head. It looked good. I paid and left.
However, when I arrived to my daughters house, I went into the bathroom and turned on the lights. She has good lighting in her bathroom. Began taking a closer look and noticed my eyebrows. They had been shaved almost completely, except two nubs on each side. She got me. The haircut theory worked, however, I had never thought about Eyebrow style theory.
I guess I need to go back to the old drawing board and come up with an eyebrow styling theory to protect the brows.